Sunday, May 8, 2011


its been a while since i updated this little blog..
well..there's nothing to be said or written..
ideas always didnt come out..or maybe they need to be created?

lets talk a little bit about my life(those who not interested,close your eyes )

  • I'm 9teen already!!two years more I can start voting for pilihanraya..ehem ehem,biru plez..btw,a muah muah cayang cayang thanks for those who drop by and say hepy bday on my fb and those who text me(even if it a lil bit late)..really appreciate that.special thanks also to mycutegojesbestfren,jieya for the present,ok?taun depan bagi lagi ye.hihi..most of my presents this year were pink in colour,my favvy..I've got a pink hello kitty blanket from my auntie and a pink pencil case from my cute sis gave me present??*rub my eyes 

sape bgi cupcakes cmni,sy akn cyg dye ketat2..

  • ex kmphian..proudly waved gudbye to pahang matriculation college and promised never get in there ever again!but still i miss my colleagues.rindu nak ponteng buat assignment same2,gelak gelak and gedik bersame..hehe.. now,i just goyang kaki kat rumah and add more fat!result for the final exam will be out soon.oh no!not ready yet to hear it!hope that my pointer was kebaboom(tpi study liat jer).

me n tirah yg ayu

peewitt!ushar sket..

p/s: that little girl was not my colleagues

kaki gosip

ok lah..bye bye..annyonghi kaseyo

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